AirLaws Member Profiles
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Capt. Howard Taylor Dulmage Jr.
Phone: 281-271-8540
Primary Practice Location: Houston
Focus: Aviation, Labor-Employment, Litigation: Personal Injury

Capt. Paul McCarthy
Boston Phone: 978-771-7867
Focus: Aviation Safety, Aviation Research Consulting

Donald M. Maciejewski
Jacksonville, Florida
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Capt. Jim Hourin
New Orleans
Focus: Aviation Consulting

Capt. Charles Barnett
Chicago, Il
Focus: Aviation Accident, FAA certification actions

Capt Glenn Cook
Atlanta GA
Phone: 404-664-8622
Focus: Aviation Law, FAA actions

Joe Garnett

Houston, TX

Focus: Litigation

Julian Hayes
Tampa, Florida
Phone: 813-265-2119
Focus: Aviation Law, Traffic control Expert reconstructions.

David L. Massarano
Houston, TX 77027-3206
Phone: 713-626-2800
Primary Practice Location: Houston, TX
Focus: Aviation, Aviation Transactions

Capt. Charles A Pinney
San Diego, CA
Phone: 858-755-7502
Focus: Aviation Accidents, Wills trusts and estates for Airline personnel

Thomas McLarty

Captain Andreas Mateou
Nicosia Cyprus
Focus: Legal Consultant in Aviation litigations. MM Aviation Consultancy

Dr. Sofia Michaelides-Mateou
FOCUS: Aviation Law, and Aviation Safety

Yaşar Öztürk
Phone:  +90 362 4317091
Fax:  +90 362 4313428
Cell Phone:+90 533 4594740

Capt. Myron P. Papadakis
Bastrop, TX 78602
Phone: 512-431-9315
Focus: Aviation, Labor, Personal Injury, Military

Capt. Papadakis - 2013  Jerome Lederer Award

Capt. William C. Dvorak
McKinney, TX 75069
Phone: 972-562-0102
Primary Practice Location: McKinney, TX
Focus: Aviation, Litigation: Personal Injury

Capt. Mark Goodrich
Reno Nevada
Phone: 775-324-3110
Focus: Aviation Test Flying, Consulting Aviation Research

James T Crouse
434 Fayetteville St.
Mall 919 861 0500
2 Hannover Square
Raleigh, NC 27601-1764
Focus: Aviation Accident Litigations

Capt. Jimmy Dean Johnson
Houston, TX
Phone: 281-387-8803
Focus: Aviation, International Business, Litigation

Capt. Sidney A. Cook
Dallas, TX 75261-2405
Phone: 214-914-6720
Primary Practice Location: Dallas, TX
Focus: Aviation

Capt Douglas Moss
Focus: Aviation Consulting and Expert Witness

Howard Acosta
Tampa, Florida
Phone: 727-894-4469
Focus: Aviation Litigation Litigation

Price Ainsworth
Austin, TX
Focus: Aviation and Accident Litigation of all varieties

Capt. Troy Avera
Phone: 850-997-5007
Focus: Aviation Employment Law Expert

Capt. Anthony A. Rasch
Houston, TX 77040
Phone: 713-780-7340
Primary Practice Location: Houston, TX
Focus: Aviation, Business, Consumer

Jack J. Burke
Colleyville, TX 76034-6814
Phone: 817-788-4645
Focus: All aspects of Aviation Law FAA Enforcement, Medical cases, NTSB hearings, Accident Investigations and Litigation, Airport and Commuter

William “T” Thompson
Colorado Springs CO
Primary Practice Location: CO
Practice Areas: TAX Law

Michael Glenn Jones

G.P. Matherne

Houston Texas