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Capt. Andreas Mateou 

Capt Andreas Mateou

Undergraduate: MSC (aviation management) University New South Wales, Austrailia
Graduate : Doctorate University of Middle sex
LAW: University of London LLB
In 1987 he joined Cyprus Airways as a Co-Pilot flying the BAC-1-11 and in 1989 as a co-pilot on the A320. He was promoted to the post of Captain in 1994.  He has 25 years flying experience and is currently a Training Captain with a UK CAA TRI/TRE on the Airbus A320 with more than 16 000 flying hours.

He has conducted numerous air safety investigations including engines failure, hard landing, rejected take-off, dual hydraulic failure, GPWS, TCAS and severe bird strikes
Flight Time 16,000 hours
Captain Rated: Airbus, Check Airmen Airbus
Captain : Cyprus Airways
Lecturer in Law –University of Nicosia, Guest Lecturer Cranfield University, UK
Focus: Legal Consultant in Aviation litigations.
            MM Aviation Consultancy
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