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2000 + Accidents Page Two

 Aircraft Photos

 U-28   box canyon, crashes into high terrain, William Young
T-33,  fuel filters, settled John Betts, George Flemming
HUEY COBRA , highwires, Runs into highwires on I-35 near Waco 
T-38,  tail failure, settled 
U-21, engine icing, Kingair crashes on let down in Turkey. Plaintiff believed engine failure due to ice ingestion, part settled
U-21,  spider gear, no case
JOLLY GREEN GIANT,  rotor failure balancing, 
JOLLY GREEN GIANT Rotor blade lost weights and became unbalanced , loss of main rotor blade and crash near Gila Bend, Az. Settled
MOWHAWK, engine gear train, 
T-34,  engine failure, settled
OV-10,  ejection,  i,p,7,8  Ejected outside envelope for seat l.
OV-10,   ejection Locktite ejection actuator had Locktite applied by maintenance and didn't
work correctly in sequence. 
T-28, tail strength, X country training flight separation, settled
MOWHAWK,  engine failure, no case
T-37,  pilot error, pilot was tired man- no air conditioning -dehydration sickle cell anemia gene.
T-34, flat spin, instructor overpowered by student Annapolis football player.
B-1 Bomber bird ingestion, no ejection settled
B-52 Bomber  pump fire, RICO ACTION. Pumps overheat in B52 gas tank and cause vapor
explosion settled
B-52  pump fire, RICO ACTION. Pumps overheat in B52 gas tank and cause vapor explosion settled Tom Roe
T-33,  fuel problem, engine,
S2F , NAVY, landing gear, 1st investigation for NAVY
 Av-8  Harrier,  ejection,  settled, found expert Russ Sanford and Koochembere
T-38  ejection settled –found expert for weber seat.
T-33,  loss of control,  general’s son.
KC-135, fire on landing Alaska
C130,  loose cargo injury, settled ,confidential, national security  Broken back,
BOEING VERTOL,  transmission failure settled,
CH-46*,  transmission,  settled
T-34   harness release Chriss
CH-47,  Rotor blade connection failure, manuals, settled
C-9  Engine fail, USAF,  Engine failed, pilot shut down wrong one settled,
 S3Aaileron servo failure, VERDICT 6.6 million plus Sanctions $239k. Loss of hydraulic flight controls lead to manual

 reversion. Failed to " latch up" into cable flight controls due to geometry and defective design of latching mechanism.

 Three crewman died during a catapault shot off carrier in Atlantic.
KC-135 pump fire,  Defect due to military rebuild.
Kingair C-12 approach, Juneau, Alaska, settled, Military suit against Alaska Guard. Also product suit against Beech 
Kiowa,  failed instruments, milcondef, no case.
Hughes 500,  Cayuse Night Stalker, no case  
E2A,  wire bundle fire,  kapton  no case 
 Apache  Bucs  roll settled  
HM12 –53e minesweeper, 
Instrument approach to Miramar Marine  Jet,no case error ,low,
Kiowa helicopter Afghanistan
Experimental Veri  e Z crash Houston –no case
Lear jet Mexico city –no case
B-100 midair separation Gonzalez –no case
Mexico crash Rio Grande river area –no Case
Chinook helicopter Special ops Afghanistan –Plumhoff
Bell 206 Longranger crash Montgomery County.
Citrus aviation Crash Florida-
Spannair Madrid Spain 2008 On Going  MD-82
Turkish Air Amsterdam Netherlands 2009 &37-800
Turkish Air Isparta  MD-82 Turkey.
Tans Peru 737
Indonesian  NB 421 helicopter
 Romanian jet sales
Thomas McLarty
Egyptair 900
B-52 Bad fuel Pump
Lear jet bad fuel pump
Helicopter crash Hawaii –fuel
Cessna Crash Alamagordo Fire
DC-9 Denver Airport Take off accident.
Detroit NWA Crash and collision on Runways,
F-16 Midair collisions near Nellis Red Flag areas.
F-16 CFIT vertigo night

Continental Airlines DC-9, Flight 1713, Denver, Colorado, 1987

Northwest Airlines DC-9, Flight 255, Detroit, Michigan, 1987 

PIPER Pa-24,   Eliot, Ma., settled J.D. Johnson

PIPER Pa-24,  No case CASE- malpractice attorney missed statute. Colorado attorney J.D. Johnson

Mu-2  prop failure,  N.H, suspect prop dome failure, loosened props, loss of control. JD

BELL 206 Engine failure, Mexico crash, settled Myron Papadakis,

HAWKER SIDDELY,  engine failures, settled  Exfoliation of chrome plating in fuel pumps due to water contaminated fuel.

HAWKER SIDDELY, engine failures, settled

DC-8 Burlington Air Express Toledo

BRS Recovery system, settled, J.D. Johnson


BEECHCRAFT BONANZA V tail,  Crash in to Ocean after take off at Ft. Lauderdale...flutter 


B-52 Bad fuel Pump
DC-9 Denver Airport Take off accident.
F-16 Korea wire bundles
F-16 North Carolina Instrument failure
F-16 Midair collisions near Nellis Red Flag areas.
V tail Bonanza, Shawnee Oklahoma
Swearingen Tail Failure
Light twin take off crash, Hooks Airport
Grumman Gulfstream CFIT accident Oil executives
Jolly Green Rotor failure-Arizona
MU2 Chicago
F-15 Rudder Roll
F-15 Rudder ROLL ejection seat
A-10 FOM White Area jam or restriction
A-10 FOM White Area Jamm Ft Polk Lost 
Army King Air Insulak Turkey  
Army King Air Texas engine decouple  .
A-10 FOM Davis Monthan
T-37 FOM Gila Bend

Kingair, tail unzipped at rear pressure bulkhead in a C model.

Possible prop reversal in flight.  Mid air separation of Kingair.  Plaintiff theory in cruise flight prop reversal and aircraft deformation 

SWEARINGEN Tail unzipped at rivet repair, Settled,

A-10 controls, jam or restriction of flight controls in white area, Lost Dale

U-21, engine icing, Kingair crashes on let down in Turkey. Plaintiff believed engine failure due to ice ingestion, part settled

T-34   harness release 

Travelaire N Jersey crash
Donald Maciejewski
Cessna 150/Cessna 172 Mid-Air Collision
Green Cove Springs, Florida 1991; PiperPA-28 Airplane Crash –
Sikorsky CH-53 Helicopter Crash - Jacksonville, Florida 1992;
Bell 47G Helicopter Crash – Panama City, Florida 1993;
Sikorsky RH53 Helicopter Crash – Virginia Beach, Virginia 1994;
UT-60 Blackhawk Crash – Wiesbaden,Germany 1994;
OH-58 Helicopter Crash – Mercury, Nevada 1995;
OH Helicopter Crash –Bisbee, Arizona 1995;
Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter Crash – Lamoille, Nevada 1994;
UH-60Blackhawk Helicopter Crash – Hortense, Georgia 1995;
F-14 Tomcat Crash – Nashville,Tennessee 1996;
AH-1F Cobra Helicopter Crash – Honolulu, Hawaii 1996;
Bell 206 Helicopter Crash – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee1996;
Cherokee-Six Airplane Crash – Gainesville, Florida 1996;
 Piper PA-24 Airplane Crash –Palm Beach, Florida 1997;
Schweitzer SA2-37 Airplane Crash – Green Cove Springs, Florida1998;
Grumman AA1B Airplane Crash – Hilliard, Florida 1999;
Piper PA 28- Airplane Crash –Tallahassee, Florida 1999;
Cessna C-206 Airplane Crash – Pretoria, South Africa 1999;
Bell 206B Helicopter Crash – Philadelphia, Mississippi 1999;
Cessna 172 Airplane Crash – Bowie,Maryland 1999;
Velocity XL/RG Airplane Crash – Ft. Pierce, Florida 2000;
 Cessna 172 AirplaneCrash – New Smyrna Beach, Florida 2001;
Gruman AA-1C Airplane Crash, Pompano Beach,Florida, 2001;
RV-3/Extra Airplane Mid-Air Collision – St. Augustine,
Florida 2001; C-23Airplane Crash – Unadilla, Georgia 2001;
MD 600 Helicopter Crash, Phoenix, Arizona, 2001;
AH-64 Apache Helicopter Crash – Camp Blanding, Florida 2002;
FEDEX Boeing 727 Crash,Tallahassee, Florida, 2002;
R-22/Piper PA-25 Mid-Air Collision, North Palm Beach Airport,Florida,
2003; Swearingen SA-26 Airplane Crash, Jacksonville, Florida, 2003;
Beech A-36 Airplane Crash, Pikeville, Kentucky, 2005;
Bell 206 Helicopter Crash, Myrtle Grove,Louisiana, 2005;
Cessna 340A Airplane Crash, Melbourne, Florida 2006;
Robinson R-44Helicopter Crash, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 2007;
OH-6 Helicopter Crash, Charlotte, NorthCarolina, 2009;
Piper PA-11 Airplane Crash, Quincy, Florida, 2009;
Maule M-5 Airplane Crash,Tallahassee, Florida, 2009;
Saudi Arabian FLT 27 Airlines Incident, Europe, 2010;
OH- 58 C Helicopter Crash, Iraq,
British International Helicopter's Boeing Model 234 crash (the world's largest civilian helicopter disaster)
Lockheed C-5A crash at Ramstein AB, Germany (1990),
British Midlands 737-400 crash in England (1989),
the U.S. Army's Chinook crash in Mannheim, Germany (1982),
Piedmont/Henson Airline Beech 99 crash in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia 1985).
Plaintiffs' Steering Committees in the Comair EMB-120 crash near Detroit, Michigan (1997),
American Eagle ATR-72 crash in Indiana (1994),
ASA Carrollton, Georgia Crash (1995),
US-. Air B-737 crash near Pittsburgh (1994),
 the TAN/SAHSA Boeing 727 crash in Honduras (1989)
LAN/Chile BAE 146 crash in Chile (1991).
Fairchild Metro II and Mooney M20C aircraft;
engine-failure/pilot error on Piper Navajo and
engine-failure/pilot error on Aerostar,
mid air on Bell 206/Cessna Seaplane,
mid air on Piper Saratoga/Mitsubishi MU-2,
mid air on World War I vintage bi-wing mid-air collisions;
pilot error crashes involving Boeing 727,
pilot error crashes involving Boeing 737,
pilot error crashes involving BAe146,
pilot error crashes involving Cessna 172,
pilot error crashes involving Cessna 310,
pilot error crashes involving Robinson R22,
pilot error crashes involving Bell 206
pilot error crashes involving AS-350 aircraft;
drive system failures on Enstrom,
drive system failures on Chinook (military & civilian),
drive system failures on Bell UH-1 and AS350
flight control system failures on Lockheed C5A,
flight control system failures on Sikorsky UH-60,
flight control system failures on S-58 (logging),
flight control system failures on Bell 212.
flight control system failures on Bell UH-1,
flight control system failures on Bell AH-1S
flight control system failures on AH1W Cobra aircraft;
propeller failure on the Embraer 120,
icing on the ATR-72,
icing on the EMB-120,
icing on the Beech C-12,
The Entebbe hijacking.
B-1 Bomber Loss of aircraft Pelican ingestion, failure of egress systems.
B-52 Bomber Crash KI sawyers submersible fuel pump explosion
F-16 Top Gun in Korea Harduvel V. General Dynamics
S-3 Viking Crash –Loss of control on cat shot – Grey v. Lockheed.
Lake Amphibian
Coast Guard radar surveillance aircraft Puerto Rico.
 Single engine aircraft  Engine Failure near Ocalla, fatalities,
H-58 Helicopter failure –Logging operation failed Pinion Gear.
A-36 Bonanza Crash on Approach to Pensacola Florida
F-16 G Loss of consciousness –no case
F-16 G Loss of consciousness –no case
F-16 G Loss of consciousness –no case
F-16 G Loss of consciousness –no case
F-16 G Loss of consciousness –no case
F-16 G Loss of consciousness –no case
2 F-16 Midair Red Flag – no Case.
PZK,  pilot error fuel starvation, Product restraint system, settled
LAKE AMPHIBIAN,  engine loss, settled
LAKE AMPHIBIAN,  engine loss, settled
F-16 PARTS settled  Job related employment restitution, whistleblower.
CHALLENGER, Engineer suggested alternate failure modes and was fired.
F-16 simulation electrical malfunctions
Army King Air Alaska, Crash at Juneau
H-58 Helicopter Logging Operation,
FEDEX Engine Failure Cessna,
American Airlines Crash MD-82 Little Rock Ark.
Value jet Crash in Florida swamp
Cessna 310 Electrical failure –Arkansas.
Light twin Aircraft-lost fuel starvation Virginia.
Navy S-3 Loss of Catapault-No Case loss of control.
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, A-36  pitch down vertical dive to ground.

American Airlines Flight , Little Rock, Arkansas John Howie, allman

Valujet Flight 592, killing musician Walter Hyatt; Florida Ev Mike

CESSNA 172, lost aircraft, lost  Howard

CESSNA 310, Electrical loss, generator design, generator buss overload, mechanic error, Mike Slack, John Howie. Allman

R-22 crash in New Mexico with Texas resident - small damage –referred for settlement MYRON PAPADAKIS

Avco Lycoming, Allied 101 engines, referred Myron Papadakis ,Allman

ATA training Crash Myron Papadakis case  , Rick Leeper dulmage  /Garnett

1. F-14 Flap/Slat Gearbox malfunction
2. F-14 Electrical Overload/Flight Control Effect
3. A-4 Fuel Control Malfunction/Failure
4. F-4 Uncontrolled Flight Into Ocean
5. Bellanca Viking Controlled Flight Into Terrain/ATC Controller Error
6. Corporate Jet hydroplane off runway in Colorado.
conducted numerous air safety investigations including engines failure,
hard landing,
rejected take-off,
dual hydraulic failure,
severe bird strikes
aviation-legal consultant in a number of aviation litigation cases
the Falcon 900-B accident that occurred over the Romanian airspace in 1999,
the YAK-42 accident in Thessaloniki in 1997,
the A320 accident in Bahrain in 2000,
the Navaho ditching accident in Larnaca in 2002
Helios B373 accident in Grammatiko in 2005.

the Falcon 900-B accident that occurred over the Romanian airspace in 1999,
the YAK-42 accident in Thessaloniki in 1997,
the A320 accident in Bahrain in 2000,
the Navaho ditching accident in Larnaca in 2002
the Helios B373 accident in Grammatiko in 2005.
legal advisor to cabin crew consultant
FAA- Lear rental – part 121 violation alleged
FAA crash – pilot breaks minimums
FAA pilot turns wrong way after TO @ Hobby
FAA  Medical passes out –cropduster- after cold water
FAA Medical – Driving record does not equal bad pilot
Faa Pilot lands at Huntsville –nosewheel-Hammick
FAA Plot lands on road near 1960
Pilot fired –employment -EEOC
Pilot Fired employment- Grievance
Pilot disciplined Grievance –
Pilot disciplined – Grievance
FAA Certificate Actions
Wrong airport landing
Learjet rental irregularities
Medical-- Epilepsy
Medical--driving record      
Airport crash
ATC wrong direction turn
Below  minimums landing
Nose wheel failure on landing
Off airport landing beach landing
Too many Speeding tickets equals medical problem