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AIRLAWS MEMBERS (one or more) has had some input into the following accidents. This involvement could have been union safety input, privileged or non privileged consultation, evaluation, some facet of investigation or litigation support or participation.
During Attorney Myron Papadakis long careers in both aviation and law has as a  consulting attorney teamed with or working for other law firms have helped obtain  awards for clients in the many cases shown below. 
American Airlines Flight , Little Rock, Arkansas
American Airlines Flight  Cali Columbia,  Consultant to PSC
TWA Flight 800, Long Island, New York 
Valujet Flight 592, killing musician
Northwest DC-9, Flight 1482, Detroit, Michigan,
Northwest Airlines DC-9, Flight 255, Detroit, Michigan,
Continental Airlines DC-9, Flight 1713, Denver, Colorado, 1987
Eastern Airlines B-727, Flight 73, Windshear Queens, New York, 1975
Alaska Airlines Ketchikan Alaska 
Egypt air 990 Pappy cases 15 elevator or suicide –
Turkish Airlines Isparta crash
Turkish Airlines   Auto flight ,Schilpol airport Amsterdam 
Spannair Madrid Spain MDL
Tans Peru 737 – jungle 2 cases Newton Swartz
Midway airlines DC-9 Milwaukee – Fisher
BEECHCRAFT TRAVELAIRE  salvage -  Aircraft had flown into a thunderstorm and fallen out of control...pilot error. engine failure  Will   Watkins
BEECHCRAFT BARON-  stall-   Aircraft went into spiral then stall spin, settled  Tom H Davis
BEECHCRAFT V TAIL-  fuel starvation, aircraft engine quit, field landing, fatal, FBO teardown shop burned with  evidence. Myron Papadakis
BEECHCRAFT METROFLIGHT, flight controls, control locks were left on metro liner for take off ( Galveston, Texas) Jim Kronzer
BEECHCRAFT Kingair, tail unzipped at rear pressure bulkhead in a C model. Larry Brown
BEECHCRAFT Travelaire, flat spin,  no case,
BEECHCRAFT D-18   engine failure,   Pilot had Volpar conversion. Engine replaced cylinder, blew engine out of Las Vegas and Crashed. 
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, fuel flow divider, Fuel Starvation, engine failure.
BEECHCRAFT     KINGAIR, US government wake turbulence ATC. Houston crash behind a Delta landing on runway 26,visual.
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, midair failure V Tail -  Mid air separartion, flutter and aeroelastic deformation over Shawnee, Oklahoma. 
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA*, midair failure, V tail, possible pilot error, possible wake turbulence. Illegal flight - no license - no medical.
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA V tail,  throw over yok, yoke found misrigged and 1/2 way to throw over condition13. SUPER VEE, VMC problem with V tail on twin engine STC of standard V tail Bonanza. Ferried gear down
BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR possible prop reversal in flight.  Mid air separation of Kingair.  Plaintiff theory in cruise flight prop reversal and aircraft
BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR, prop reversal, lost at trial . Plaintiff theory mid air prop reversal and lost control at slow flight.
BEECHCRAFT METROFLIGHT*, lock controls, companion case to Galveston crash.Flight control lock left in place during takeoff. pilot error, maintenance error.
BEECHCRAFT TRAVELAIRE, throw over yoke, 
BEECHCRAFT TRAVELAIRE landing accident, some pilot error .
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA,  companion to other case.  
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, separation, No Case, pilot flashlight in mouth in thunderstorm at night. Took off without lights.
BEECHCRAFT QUEENAIRE, engine fail, engine failed connecting rod at improper serial number stamp.
BEECHCRAFT BARON , West Houston take off accident, engine failure,.
BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR*, tail failure, Unknown
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA,  mid air failure
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, structural failure, Beechcraft complained about me and I was dropped   .
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, Crash, Supplied the discovery FOIA Kansas City documents.
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA Fire Crash at Pensacola on landing. Fire
BEECHCRAFT BEECHCRAFT, fuel, fire, egress Lost @ Trial 
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA V tail , Separation, no case
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA V tail  El  Paso Separation, Thunderstorm penetration. 
BEECHCRAFT A-36 BONANZA, speed brake deployment. 
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA, A-36  pitch down vertical dive to ground.
BEECHCRAFT BONANZA V tail,  Crash in to Ocean after take off at Ft. Lauderdale...flutter 
BEECHCRAFT QUEENAIR door open in flight, Settled    
BEECHCRAFT AGCAT,  high wires, fire
BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR, Cali Columbia, South America  pilot error,  shoot down, no case,
BEECHCRAFT Thunderstorm pilot flew into Rocky Mtn. thunderstorm- pilot error William
BEECHCRAFT KINGAIR*, Separation ice, drain hole not drilled in accordance with blueprints.
BEECHCRAFT BARON*, engine failure, Lost at New Mexico trial.
BEECHCRAFT A-35*,  icing ,No Case
BEECHCRAFT A-36,  Fiber material  engine failure, Fibrous material found in fuel after a fuel tank repair.
BEECHCRAFT A-36,   icing filter, engine failure
BEECHCRAFT A36 BONANZA – Farmington -ran out of fuel
BEDE 5J, pilot error, PIO on takeoff Newton Kansas. Pilot had little  training. Test flights conducted at Victoria, Texas.
BEDE HOMEBUILT*, engine loss
BEDE  5j  airshow, no case
CESSNA , door, Settled
CESSNA,  gas, Settled   commuter with wrong gas crashes in Dallas school yard.
CESSNA 420 ,  fire, Settled
CESSNA 337,  engine out, Settled   companion case . rear engine out at take off.
CESSNA 172  *,  highwires, No Case  pilot error, US-59 bridge near Victoria
CESSNA 337 rear engine out, Settled       Pilot took off with rear engine failed. Cockpit layout and design induced pilot error product liability case.
CESSNA 172, crankshaft, settled     , caused by failed engine. aircraft damage only.
CESSNA 421* ,  fuel starvation, no case, possible sabotage-sugar 
CESSNA 182 fire, settled     . Interor aircraft burned in 2 minutes before pilot could crash landproduct liability on burn resistance
CESSNA 172**, lost aircraft , lost at trial  US government failed to control and find aircraft
down by Harlingen.
CESSNA 172 SETTLED      carb ice, settled     ,Galatin Canyon fuel starvation in winter, looking for Elk.,pllaintiff believed icing. 
CESSNA 337, engine failure, No Case, statute of limits.
CESSNA 172, lost aircraft, No CaseStudent pilot flies into mountains in Virginia, in low visibility conditions.
CESSNA 421,  engine failure, settled.     
CESSNA, 172 NM Fire, Helped with fire criteria and with finding experts.
CESSNA   182 , Fuel, Settled
CESSNA 172* , fuel failure, No Case
CESSNA , wrong fuel, Settled
CESSNA 310, icing, Double engine failure, icing at the fuel filters after takeoff. George Fleming
CESSNA 172,  Icing, Settled
CESSNA* , High wires, settled,Hobby, 
CESSNA*,  Highwires, Hobby. New High wires placed in flight approach path unmarked.( pilot had to be low to get into wires.)
CESSNA 310 ,  landing, FAA hearing, settled
CESSNA  420 * ,  Mtns.
CESSNA  172 , carb heat, Broken Carb connection, pilot was airline pilot .
CESSNA  310*,  fire,  Pilot flew an improper approach to runway 8  and crashed.
CESSNA*,  S.T.O.L.  kit stall ,
CESSNA 172, engine mechanic expert, settled ,
CESSNA 172  engine weld, Settled , oil starvation to bearing
CESSNA Caravan, engine failure, settled , Pt-6 engine compressor stalling and loss of power during takeoff roll. 
CESSNA 182, parachute accident, no case, unauthorized parachute jump door, crash after out of limits descent.
CESSNA 337,  t.v. antennae, engine failure, no case. Government Liability.
CESSNA 172, brake failure, no case, overshot landing and abort.
CESSNA 172,  Fire, New Mexico, settled, crash, post crash fire and survivability aspects.
CESSNA 310, Electrical loss, generator design, generator buss overload, mechanic error,  .
CESSNA 172, lost aircraft, lost
CESSNA 310, Rime, Icing,
CESSNA 150, student pilot Sinton, Texas stall spin, Waco ongoing Settled      
CESSNA Caravan, Guatemala Sullivan
CESSNA 421  No Case, Austin Texas  
CESSNA 421  No Case, Denver Colorado, 
CESSNA Citation 500 Hobby Airport ,suspected split Flap Take off
GRUMMAN GOOSE***,  Double engine failure, V.I.  1939 aircraft suffers double engine failure because of vapor lock while at less than a quarter tank of fuel . The fuel levers were in crossfeed. It was a dramatic sea landing and sinking, shark attacks.
Grumman American,  emergency, Settled
Grumman Dowty Rotol props, settled     
Grumman  Dowty Rotol, settled  companion 
Grumman Tiger,  ice, Colorado referred
Grumman Goose, Water landing, Turk, no case
PIPER  COMMANCHE, engine, settled     
PIPER SENECA,  altimeter problem, settled     , altimeter stuck at 2,600 in fog approach
PIPER SARATOGA,  flutter, Lost at Trial –trw Selma, Alabama,   TWR
PIPER SARATOGA ,  weather, trw no case Hartley
PIPER SARATOGA, flutter, settled, Pittsburgh, Pa.
PIPER TURBOARROW, flutter, separation settled , Giddings TX. 
PIPER CHEROKEE, wing fatigue, settled 
PIPER CHEROKEE, flutter, settled 
PIPER. SARATOGA, flutter, Chicago,
PIPER TURBOARROW,  flutter,  settled , Smithville, TX 
PIPER CHEROKEE,  stall, No Case
PIPER CHEROKEE,  wing failure, no case
PIPER Pa-24,  No case CASE- malpractice attorney missed statute. Colorado attorney
PIPER Pa-24,   Eliot, Ma., settled
PIPER Cherokee,  separation, Mexico
PIPER Cherokee, settled     ,  oil failure, Clearwater 
PIPER AEROSTAR,  pilot error, WPB, 
PIPER AEROSTAR*,  engine failure, 
PIPER Cherokee Settled
PIPER Cherokee, forced landing NM
PIPER Pa - 46,  sea ditching, settled 
PIPER PA 24. SARATOGA, Weather mid air separation, no case.
PIPER Colorado, Gunnison, weather,
PIPER 26 MALIBU –ABQ – high wires case dropped
MOONEY 21, Bendix injector, Settled - RSa5ad1 fuel injector rubber failure-soluble contaminants and perforations.
MOONEY 21,  Bendix injector,  Lost  Same theory 
Mooney  21  gyro suction ifr., Settled  Gyro instrument failed. Cause of failure was an air suction pump drive shaft failure in flight.
MITSUBISHI  MU-2 NTS failure , Settled
MU-2, mountain wave,  SETTLED       Houston family on ski vacation to Aspen crashed in side of mountain.
MU-2,   mountain wave,  subrogation Settled  Houston family on ski vacation to Aspen crashed in side of mountain. Cause : Mountain Wave and Horizontal Tornado off peak. Some survived including the two boys.
MU-2 engine failure, Louisiana,
MU-2, tail icing, settled,
Mu-2 ,   icing, settled
Mu-2 ,  icing settled, hull damage.
Mu-2  prop failure,  N.H, suspect prop dome failure, loosened props, loss of control.
Mu-2, USAF controller allowed a plane to fly direct to while on a VFR climb out of Alamagordo.
MU-2 Chicago crash
Mu-2 Tulsa, Oklahoma, engine surge loss, on Take off 
Rockwell 112, N.M. spatial disorientation, Pilot crashes after a missed instrument approach to a New Mexico airport. Investigated for possible instrument failure. Found None.
PZK,  pilot error fuel starvation, Product restraint system, settled 
AEROSPATIALE, Herman Hospital , winds,
BELL 206 tail rotor failure,  Settled Tail rotor shaft let go at coupling. Mike Perrin

AUGUSTA 206  main rotor failure, settled Bristow helicopter, with Houston Oilmen, crashes offshore at Africa,

 Augusta is an Italian company that is licensed to make Bell 206 helicopters. The bearings failed
BELL 206, Main rotor failure, settled Circumstantial evidence case. Only small Parts of the helicopter flooring were found. This was crushed sufficiently to show a vertical impact with no rotor.
BELL 206 Engine failure, Mexico crash, settled
S-61,  Tail rotor failure, settled ,ice in honeycomb, 
S-61*,   two cases, water landing, settled North Sea,
HELICOPTER TAIL, walk into tail rotor,
HUGHES HELICOPTER, pilot froze, rancher uses helo for ranch work,
10. BELL 206   pilot preflight, no case helicopter tied down to bldg. falls to street below.
R-22 HELICOPTER,  design , R-22,
HELICOPTER design  R-22, settled, crashe in helicopter on solo.
HELICOPTER, R-22, design
Helicopter, 204 tail rotor, settled, MYRON PAPADAKIS,
BELL 206 tail rotor failure, settled,
S-61 Rotor  Failure, 
Aerospatiale, control hydraulics, settled 
Aerospatiale, control hydraulics, settled 
Aerospatiale, settled Vancouver, experts 
Hughes 500, New Mexico, damage to helicopter only
Bell 206 Jetranger, only work was on determining which state had contacts, Texas, Wisconsin or Illinois. Blues singer killed.
Bell 206 Jetranger , bearing failure lubrication, settled
Bell 206 Jetranger,  Vancouver, Canada settled, flight control lock up.
CH34, Gear Failure, Sikorsky, settled, An old helicopter used for logging crashed due to gear failure. The gear was miss manufactured. 
Bell 206 Jetranger, eng. Failure, settled, drunk pilot alleged 
R-22 crash in New Mexico with Texas resident - small damage –referred for settlement
LEARJET engine,Turbine blew on takeoff. Crash was fatal.Defective metal in blade hub.
TURBO COMMANDER*, pilot error pilot attempted an unauthorized approach in bad weather on RNAV.
DC-3,  fog landing, Pilot error DC-3 pilot flew a too low approach trying to duck under at IAH
DC-3,  fog landing,Pilot error DC-3 pilot flew a too low approach trying to duck under at IAH.
CONVAIR,  forced landing, Lynnard Skynnard Band ,settled, pilot left gas cap off sucked out fuel.
TURBO COMMANDER, lost aircraft error, no case.
HAWKER SIDDELY, engine failures, settled,
HAWKER SIDDELY,  engine failures, settled  Exfoliation of chrome plating in fuel pumps due to water contaminated fuel.
LEAR JET  mid air failure, no case,Wealthy Egyptian businessman from Alexandria lost in Lear 25 midair  separartion. Aircraft lost in Sahara 150 South of Alexandria for 5 years. Found by walking Bedouin.
F-27 Midair near Houston –co pilot playing cards in back.
SWEARINGEN radio interference with instruments settled,
SWEARINGEN,  ice landing, 
Aero Commander,  Prop strike damage,
Lear Jet Charter, settled, Weather ,instrument failure @ Intercontinental
Learjet – cargo Ca, no case,
LEAR JET –Cargo El Paso settled. 
SWEARINGEN Tail unzipped at rivet repair, settled.
B-727 JFK Eastern, Windshear, 
DC-8*, World, Evacuation, settled, evacuation injuries, Shannon, Ireland,
C-130  Prop, Turkey, Prop imbalance, engine tore loose.
B-727*,  Alaska icy runway, Airlines, slip off runway, over run.
B-747 off runway, not a case, Flying Tiger ORD Myron Papadakis on NTSB go team.
B-727,  tire explosion,
NWA  DC-9 no Flaps 
F-27 , Landing Gear, Landing gear at collapse on rollout
DC-8 Burlington Air Express Toledo, 
B727, mountains in Latin America, landing
B737*, turbulence possible rudder problem
DC-9, Compressor failure at Milwaukee,
L1011, find expert for  Delta company defense. Delta/
B727*  find expert for company defense. Delta/
DC-9 Little Rock DC-9 AA crash –found experts
American Airlines 757  Cali-consulting attorney for the plaintiff  steering committee,
B-747  TWA 800, cause of explosion possibilities, center tank fuel pump experts
B- 747 Air India, sound analysis experts off  Shannon for Gandhi
B-747  Air India vertigo 747 instrument and piloting experts
MIDAIR, pilot error, settle Hooks 
MIDAIR,  pilot error, T34 civil air patrol
MIDAIR, pilot error, mid air 
MIDAIR, pilot error,  second Hooks accident 
GLIDER,  center of gravity,
GLIDER  delamination, settle,
MIDAIR, pilot error,  helo/piper towing glider.
TORTCLAIM, icing brief, Verdict, settle.
LAKE AMPHIBIAN,  engine loss, settled
SWEARINGEN**,  tail fell off, settled 
 S2A, firefighter California, Pitch up after release of fire retardant
HOT AIR BALLOON*, high wires,
HUEY COBRA *,  autorotation, no case, DEA owned crash West Texas
AG CAT,  high wires,  settled,
Ultralight Homebuilt, collapse,
HELICOPTER PARTS, counterfeit fasteners,
CHALLENGER, Engineer suggested alternate failure modes and was fired.
BANDERANTE  tail failure, settled, crossover failure not secured
AIRPORT RESTRICTONS, Jackson Hole runway extensions  
Baron –Flat spin,
CESSNA 421 Florida crash, suspected dope hauler, U.S. Government confiscates the ranch.
Angel Technology, patent infringement, Thrust Reversers and noise suppresors,
Fairchild Swearingen, controls rigged incorrectly
Helicopter, damage, engine repair accident.
Avco Lycoming, Allied 101 engines, referred
Dassualt 200 New Orleans, Aborted takeoff, Pilot error, failure to stop on runway.
PBY Catalina Aeroquip hose CAF a
Homebuilt,  failure,
BRS Recovery system, settled,
Cropduster – Settled, engine failure,
ATA training Crash Myron Papadakis case ,
                            MILITARY ATTACK
A-4 SKYHAWK Marine corp, Stick came off in hand on range
A-10, controls, Flight control jam. Settled
A-10controls, Control Jam Milcondef  M.SJ. .
A-4, Navy ejection, No case No real damages
A-10 controls, Jam or restriction of flight controls in white area. Ejection miss positioned pilot
for opening parachute shock.
A-10  controls, settled Jam or restriction of flight controls in white area.
A-10  controls, settled jam or restriction of flight controls in white area
A-10 controls, settled Jam or restriction of flight controls in white area.
A-10 controls, no case Jam or restriction of flight controls in white area
A-10 screwdriver, settled Jam or restriction of flight controls in white area.
A-10 controls, jam or restriction of flight controls in white area, Lost
A-7,  engine failure, settle,
A-4 Oxygen, Loss of consciousness during cross country flight
 A-6, structural failure,  Wing fell off during g maneuver at bombing range.
A-7,  canopy failure, settled, failed ejection, canopy failure @ Alexandria La.
A-6  wing, carrier accident –no case.
A-6  Nimitz referred Fire fighting equipment defective ships tackle.
F-16, ejection, Alaska, no case,
F-100 ,  O2,  settled, Alamagordo, Pilot depressurized, got bends and died.
F-111, stall ejection,
F-111, engine failure, failed ejection, tangled mortar.
F-111,  engine failure,  failed ejection, failed raft inflation
F-4,  icing of AOA settled, icing of pitot system.
F-4,  rudder roll, lost at trial  RF4g rudder rolls into ground
F-4,  photo flare explosion,RF4G night photoflare mission. Door stuck ignites all flares on
wing. Cause of door failure - corrosion.
Bird strike, Bird came through canopy,
F-4, nosewheel steering, nosewheel went bad at Nellis
F-14 ejection seat, no case Milcontract prevented case. Lady pilot
F-14,  dual ejection, no case
F-18 , lost aircraft, no case ,
F-4, wing fatigue, Wing failed at improperly chamfered hole settled ,
F-14,  Airshow demo, Pilot flies into ground practicing for first show,
F-8 CRUSADER cat shot,  Gear Collapse RF8G Gulf of Tonkin settled.
F-4,  wing failure, settled
 F-86, Mcconnel  ejection,  no case -statute of limits
F-15   autoroll ejection . settled.
F-15 autorotation, aileron riudder interconnect  autoroll settled.
F-4 ejection, Martin Baker ten ejection seat verdict –lost on appeal .
F-16, electrical malfunction caused by wire bundle chafing causes electrical malfunction and loss of flight and navigational instruments.verdict –lost on appeal 
F-16 ,  engine failure, no case
F-16, g loss, no case
F-16,  g loss,  no case
F-16 ,  g loss, no case
F-16  elec mal,  settle,  Loss of instruments by lead pilot in clouds.
F-16,  Night disorientation, ground impact
F-16, Eilyson, Alaska no case pilot flew into ground avoiding war games
F101 fuel hose, settled  Fuel line made of fuel soluble rubber in violation of specification. Explosion on lift off at Ellington field.
F101 fuel hose, settled  Fuel line made of fuel soluble rubber in violation of specification. Explosion on lift off at Ellington field.
F-16 PARTS settled  Job related employment restitution, whistleblower.
F-16, g suit,  pilot error, flathatting
F-16s,  midair pilot error, no case, Topguns, instructors returning to I.P.
F-16s,  midair pilot error, no case, Topguns, instructors returning to I.P.
F-16,  engine fail,
41. A-7*,  pilot error, no case, national security, a cover story for a Stealth Death.